Australia’s 1st prime time tv ad…

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful.


There’s been growing emphasis on the separation of Religion from schools, government and other public sectors. I read an article recently that proposed an overhaul of the regulation surrounding religious celebrations in public schools including banning Easter and Christmas celebrations. We now have a Prime Minister who doesn’t believe in God, it seems Religion has taken a back seat in the public eye and only creeps up on Current Affair shows. Until a few weeks ago, the thought of religious propagation through mainstream media was a pipe dream.

The first Mormon ads aired on local TV recently and I recall my wife asking me if I thought we’d ever witness Islamic ads on TV in the future, my response was pessimistic with a slight hint of hope. With the media coverage Islam currently gets, to me, an ad promoting the Religion seemed far-fetched. The Mormon ads were done well, very simple and effective. A few years back, I probably wouldn’t have thought much of the ads as I didn’t have any knowledge of the Mormon faith. Having worked with people of the Mormon faith for over a year now, the ads appealed to me because I could relate to both, the people and the faith. I thought to myself, if there ever were Islamic TV ads, they should be done the way the Mormon ads were done – steering away for traditional preaching and text book Da’wah.

To my amazement, a few weeks later the first Islamic TV ad aired on local television. The ad itself is 30 seconds long and consists of 3 key points based on Quran & Sunnah. The message is one of peace and understanding, promoting aspects of Islam that the average person wouldn’t even consider.

The ad promotes awareness of Islam and emphasises the similarities between “Australian” and “Islamic” values. The voice-over creates the perfect dramatic overlay to a subtle yet concise message. A message of Religious tolerance and understanding!

As an Australian Muslim, I don’t believe the ad could have been done any better. I was impressed when I read about it online and I was amazed when it aired on TV a few weeks later. It will take more than a 30 second TV ad to address the misconceptions of Islam but I believe this is a great start. The campaign makes me proud to be an Australian Muslim.

3 thoughts on “Australia’s 1st prime time tv ad…

  1. As Salaam Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

    It is a nice advert, mashaAllah. However, I would like to know how effective it is compared to say a YouTube video or a newspaper advertisement or an advert on the side of a bus.

    • Not really in a position to comment on the effectiveness of the TV campaign, particularly in comparison with other advertising outlets. I reckon it’s about going full circle, we’ve done the bus ad’s, the newspaper articles, etc. The TV campaign just steps up the Islamic presence in the Media and I believe it’s done just that.

  2. I understand that. Plus, I wouldn’t be criticising the advert even if it wasn’t the most cost effective way of presenting Islam, just because it is like to reach a whole new audience. Those people who don’t read the newspaper or look at buses.

    It would be interesting to know, which is more effective for any community wanting to follow in Australia’s path.

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