Lending a helping hand in QLD, Australia

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful.

I’d like to congratulate and acknowledge the efforts of the Muslim Volunteers who assisted with the QLD Flood Crisis. I pray that you are rewarded in this world and in the hereafter Insha Allah.

Below is a letter received from a victim of the recent floods.


Thank you so much, we went without food etc. for 3 days and eventually got picked up and were at Lowood Evacuation Centre when you delivered your bundles of kindness….we were home again and after a few days SES came to help hose mud out of sheds….they also brought out one of your green bags which was very much appreciated.

I was so impressed that it was a brand new face washer not to mention the brand new toothbrushes and the amount of thought put into the contents.

If we can return your kindness in any way please let us know. My 6yr old son goes to West Moreton Anglican College…maybe your priest could talk to the chaplain and give a talk on Muslim spirituality and join in chapel one morning.

I am technically Church of England but I don’t know much about religion. With all the hostility in the world it is a wonderful thing that your faith has done for the flood victims.

I know my family will never forget your kindness and the effort you went to for us.

Thank you with all my heart

Name Withheld


This is a true form of Dawah and an excellent display of Islam in Queensland. I hope we hear of many stories like this one, Queensland is not short of natural disasters this year, so lets take advantage of this and spread Islam by being good Muslims.


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