2012 Solar Eclipse…

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful.

I was joking with my wife earlier tonight about waking up early tomorrow morning so we could witness the solar eclipse, we realised that we didn’t get any protective eyewear so we’d in fact be waking up early to not look at the solar eclipse which was kinda funny. Nevertheless, with the hype and media coverage this evening, we got talking and she reminded me of the eclipse prayer and asked if there was anyone offering in congregation. I haven’t heard of any mosques offering the prayer in congregation but I remember reading about it a little while back so I decided to do some research and put together a few notes on how to offer the prayer.

The prayer itself is described in the following Hadith:

Narrated `Aisha: In the lifetime of Allah’s Apostle (p.b.u.h) the sun eclipsed, so he led the people in prayer, and stood up and performed a long Qiyam, then bowed for a long while. He stood up again and performed a long Qiyam but this time the period of standing was shorter than the first. He bowed again for a long time but shorter than the first one, then he prostrated and prolonged the prostration. He did the same in the second rak`a as he did in the first and then finished the prayer; by then the sun (eclipse) had cleared. He delivered the Khutba (sermon) and after praising and glorifying Allah he said, “The sun and the moon are two signs against the signs of Allah; they do not eclipse on the death or life of anyone. So when you see the eclipse, remember Allah and say Takbir, pray and give Sadaqa.” Bukhari, 2.154.

The Hadith explains the actual prayer which I have summarised below but it also clarifies the fact that solar and lunar eclipses have nothing to do with deaths, births or other events so we should avoid superstition and rather fear Allah at these times and invoke prayer. Allah’s signs are found throughout nature and though science may provide a logical explanation of these events, as believers, we acknowledge the Almighty and bear witness to His signs. While the sight itself is quite amazing, why not take advantage of the occasion by following a sunnah of our beloved Prophet (p.b.u.h) and performing Dhikr (remembrance) of Allah.

Here is a summary of the prayer, also known as Salaat-ul-Kusoof:

  1. Stand up for prayer as normal
  2. Recite Qur’an as normal
  3. Perform a prolonged Ruku (Bow) with Dua/Supplication
  4. Stand up and recite Qur’an again
  5. Perform a 2nd prolonged Ruku (Bow) but not as long as the first one
  6. Stand up and then proceed into Sujood (prostration) and prolong the Sujood with Dua/Supplication
  7. Sit up straight as you normally would between prostrations
  8. Go back into sujood again and prolong it but not as long as the first prostration
  9. Repeat the above steps for the second rakaat or second unit of prayer


The Eclipse can be viewed over Queensland (QLD) tomorrow morning 14 November 2012 from approximately 5:44 AM to 7:44 AM. May Allah accept our prayers and guide us towards the straight path.


“Therefore remember Me. I will remember you. Be grateful to Me and never show Me ingratitude” – Al-Baqarah 2:152




Lending a helping hand in QLD, Australia

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful.

I’d like to congratulate and acknowledge the efforts of the Muslim Volunteers who assisted with the QLD Flood Crisis. I pray that you are rewarded in this world and in the hereafter Insha Allah.

Below is a letter received from a victim of the recent floods.


Thank you so much, we went without food etc. for 3 days and eventually got picked up and were at Lowood Evacuation Centre when you delivered your bundles of kindness….we were home again and after a few days SES came to help hose mud out of sheds….they also brought out one of your green bags which was very much appreciated.

I was so impressed that it was a brand new face washer not to mention the brand new toothbrushes and the amount of thought put into the contents.

If we can return your kindness in any way please let us know. My 6yr old son goes to West Moreton Anglican College…maybe your priest could talk to the chaplain and give a talk on Muslim spirituality and join in chapel one morning.

I am technically Church of England but I don’t know much about religion. With all the hostility in the world it is a wonderful thing that your faith has done for the flood victims.

I know my family will never forget your kindness and the effort you went to for us.

Thank you with all my heart

Name Withheld


This is a true form of Dawah and an excellent display of Islam in Queensland. I hope we hear of many stories like this one, Queensland is not short of natural disasters this year, so lets take advantage of this and spread Islam by being good Muslims.


Lending a helping hand!

In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful.


To help a Muslim in some important work and to do it for his sake or to remove his troubles and worries is an act which has been promised much reward by the Prophet. Abdullah bin Omar said that our Holy Prophet said, “’One who helps someone in his need, Allah helps him in his work, and one who removes any worry or trouble of any Muslim, Allah, in return, removes anyone of his worries on the Day of Judgment’. (Abu Daud, Kilab-al-Adab, Bad-al-Muvakhat)

Showing someone the way, sharing someone’s load or helping him with it, and all other acts of public service are included in the acts defined by this Hadith.  “Those who help others are truly much blessed,” as the Hadith says, “Best people are those who are useful to others.”

Hence all occasions of service, big or small, must be sought for; this increases one’s merits. If someone is a victim of tyranny, it is the duty of every Muslim to save him from it.

A Hadith tells us that the  Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) said “A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim”, and “A brother does not leave his brother helpless nor does he lie to him nor yet makes false promises, nor treats him with cruelty.” (Tirmidhi: AI Birr wa-al- Silah)

Another Hadith states that, “If a Muslim is being insulted and degraded and his honour besmirched somewhere and another Muslim leaves him helpless, Allah would leave the latter helpless on occasions when he would need help. And if any Muslim helps him in when he is insulted and degraded, Allah shall help him when he would need help” (Abu Da’ud: Adab)

Helping a Muslim includes appropriate refutal of any wrong charges or insinuations levelled against another Muslim. Abu Darda’ report that our Holy Prophet has said, “One who defends the honour of his brother, Allah keeps the fire of hell away from his face on the Day of Judgment.” (Tirmidhi: al Birr wa al Silah, Chapter 20) *


* Above post written and researched by a friend and fellow brother in Islam – May Allah reward him.

In the wake of the current crisis in Egypt and the ongoing struggle for Palestine, it is important to understand that as Muslims and as Human Beings, we have certain rights and obligations towards each other.  Remember this when you next see someone in need and if you can assist, do so with sincerity and for no reason but for the abovementioned Hadith. It is important to remind ourselves of such sayings and Hadith so if we are given the opportunity to assist or lend a helping hand, we do so for the right reasons, with the right intentions and Insha Allah we’ll be rewarded.

Following the recent flood crisis in Queensland, an Imam urged his congregation to extend the Muslim brotherhood to the people of Queensland. He emphasised the need and the duty for  Muslims to assist the broader community especially at times of crisis. I believe this is one of the greatest forms of Dawah and is an effective way of displaying our Faith.

I would like to emphasise the principle in the above Hadith and extend it to both, Muslims and non-Muslims. We engage with members of various faiths and beliefs on a daily basis and our religion is on display and under scrutiny 24/7. Islam teaches peace, love, respect and understanding and does not limit it to Muslims only. Sometimes lending a helping hand could make the difference between a Muslim and non-Muslim.

I hope we can implement this in our daily routine, spare a thought for your neighbour, your colleague, the guy on the street or the old lady at the shopping centre. Even the smallest of actions could have ever-lasting effects.

May Allah assist us and allow us the opportunity to assist others.